Protecting Your Mac Laptop With A Desktop Picture Change

June 5, 2006 at 2:05 am (All Things Apple)

It’s relatively easy to change the image displayed behind your login window, and doing so might increase the odds of getting your laptop back if you lose it.
To change the login window’s backdrop, navigate to the /Library/Desktop Pictures folder and find the Aqua Blue.jpg file, which contains the image displayed behind the login window. Before you do anything else, duplicate this file in case you want it back later.
If you just want to replace the image with one of your own choosing, delete the Aqua Blue.jpg file. Then drop in any other JPEG image file and name it Aqua Blue.jpg. On your next login, you’ll see your custom picture. A more interesting use of this screen, though, is to add information that will help someone find you if you lose your laptop and add a degree of concern for a thief, if it’s stolen.
Open the Aqua Blue.jpg file in your favorite image editor (or modify the image you intend to use). Add some way of contacting you (See bottom screenshot). Save the modified file as Aqua Blue.jpg in the specified directory and log out.
Be sure that whatever you add leaves room for the log in window. If you use something like the example below, make sure that a stranger isn’t looking over your shoulder when you fire up your lap top in public. Here’s a example:
Click Image To Enlarge


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