Alarm Your Mac Laptop using the Motionsensor

July 5, 2006 at 4:13 pm (All Things Apple)

At the store today I saw two kids jump out of a rust bucket Toyota that was tricked out with ginky summer job money items. The driver then made a show of aiming his key fob at this $2,000 p.o.c. and hit the car alarm that responded with that familiar bird getting goosed sound. I think the car alarm was just a bit much for what he was driving. Lets look at that same amount of money that is invested in your new Mac laptop. Would you be willing to install a similar device with the same obnoxious bird chirp? Would you use it in a crowded coffee shop if you were walking away from your laptop? I guess in some places it’s needed. There’s something disturbing about this. I just can’t place what it is. Here’s a link to the iAertU, video. Another sensor alarm made by Orbicule is called Theftsensor. And you can always step up to the James Bond level of security by using a program called “Undercover“.


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