Dashboard: Use it once a day ?

October 11, 2006 at 7:37 pm (All Things Apple)

I really like to see other Mac users do a Dashboard call up. Kinda lets you see what is important in their lives. For example here’s a pic of my desktop when I activate Dashboard. pottsdome dashboard What does this tell you ? How come I feel like Dean Martin at the moment ? Soooo…anyway, if you have explored all that Dashboard has to offer and use it to the point that you feel like you’re playing Stratego , here’s a link that should speed things up. Click on the pic if your feeling like Dr. Watson.



  1. CF said,

    Well, I feel positively lightweight.
    This is me. I should assert that until yesterday my desktop (as opposed to Dashboard) was wall to wall clutter. It’s now been shoved into a folder for further review and assimilation. You other untidy folk will notice a pronounced speed up if you keep your desktop clean. (Or am I the only one that drops stuff there willy-nilly?)
    Hey–yah: you come visit Emma. She’s been suffering from the neglect.

  2. pottsc said,

    I wonder why I got rid of my Egg timer ?

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