Getting past buying iTunes songs

October 19, 2006 at 9:59 pm (All Things Pottsc)

I hunt and peck my music. At a buck a song from iTunes it’s not bad to grab that song that you heard, loved, and had to have. The down side is you end up with a locked song format with a limited way to use it. File sharing is another way to get that music. If you wanna go that route, fine. File sharing is turning into a carnie thing for me, and has a bit to much karma rebound to it.
Try this: I heard one song from a Judybats CD named “Ugly On The Outside” and I wanted to own it and have the freedom to do anything with it. So I went to Amazon, found the
CD and clicked on “buy used and new”. I found the CD for $1.19 with a shipping charge of a buck. So I get the song for $2.19. Subtract a buck that iTunes would have charged and now the song is $1.19 .
I get the whole CD, the freedom of a clean, non monkey format and extra songs I might like and once it’s on my Mac the ability to give the CD to someone else.
My songs that I buy I love to share with my friends and I want the freedom to do that. When reel to reel was promoted we started sharing. You could argue listening rights till consumption, if you feel the energy to do so. Somewhere in the future the artists will band together and figure out a way for direct payment to the song writer/performer.
For me, it’s just the music.

UPDATE: Bare Naked Ladies are selling their latest CD directly from their website with no digital rights management !


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