McCall area snowmobile refuses to carry fat people any more.

November 20, 2008 at 10:34 am (Around McCall)

A Tragic Event

A Tragic Event


  Following years of abuse from fat people riding local area snowmobiles, one snowmobile declared “enough is enough” yesterday afternoon.  In a final act of protest it blew itself up during a sponsored group ride. Spokesman for the Blue Haze Snowmobile Club said they are reviewing it’s policy of unrestrained weight limits for it’s members. 

   A similar event took place during hunting season last Fall, when All Terrain Vehicles started taking it’s passengers over cliffs.  Two major factors weighed in heavily as to the cause of this event. Abuse of the manufactures recommended weight limit and the fact that most of the hunters were blind drunk at the time.



  1. brownout said,

    I cannot believe that this post hasn’t received a single comment. It’s brilliant. Might was well be lifted directly from The Onion.

  2. brownout said,

    err… “Might as well….”

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